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Foster Dog Savvy

Good morning! This is Zoe, my foster dog that has been with me two weeks tomorrow. We always explain to potential adopters that it can take two to three weeks before their true personalities come to light. The first week Zoe was listening and calm and I thought ...ooooohhh what a perfect girl! After two weeks I'm calling her a "spaz"! She gets so "over the top" hyper - pushy - not listening to the point of nipping for attention. This brings me to the reason I tell people to wait a bit before you consider your foster "available for adoption" and find that "perfect" match. I have to say though....I put her #swaddleshirt on this morning and she completely calmed down....

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How to Fit your Swaddleshirt

Swaddleshirt, an anti-anxiety T-shirt for Dogs (and Cats too!) is an alternative to medication for anxious pets. It fits snuggly around your pet to keep them calm and comforted. This video provides step-by-step directions to putting our Swaddleshirt on your dog. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Swaddleshirt alleviates five major conditions; fear, anxiety, hyperactivity, insecurity, and shyness. The design uses acupressure and gentle, constant, maintained pressure and has been tested and perfected over the past year with our foster dogs. Swaddleshirt is available for all sizes of dogs, as the most important factor in using the Swaddleshirt is the fit. Unlike other products on the market, there are no noisy velcro attachments so the Swaddleshirt stays snug around your pet to maintain...

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